About us

The world’s most advanced longevity-focused diagnostics platform

We founded Biograph to reimagine healthcare

Healthcare should be focused on helping you live life to the fullest — not just reacting to disease.

Our mission is to help you live better, longer

Our mission is bold. Our approach is too. It’s proactive, continuous, and data-based. Not reactive like traditional healthcare. So you can stay healthy, find and address risk factors early, and live to your fullest potential.

The world’s most comprehensive longevity diagnostic evaluation

The Biograph Method is our proprietary approach to human longevity.It's built on years of our exhaustive analysis of scientific literature. As well as our extensive evaluation of the most advanced technologies. Our multidisciplinary team of experts laid out a methodology to assess every dimension of your health. The result: the world’s most comprehensive longevity diagnostic evaluation. The Biograph Method is a living protocol. We continuously incorporate new data and research. The Biograph Method sits and will remain on the cutting edge of medicine and technology.

Cutting edge technology

We’ve painstakingly curated the most advanced tools and technologies and brought them together under one roof. To provide not just the best and most thorough diagnostics, but to do it in one easy visit.

Our clinic

A method so fundamentally different requires a new space in a city of innovation. Welcome to the Biograph Clinic.


2850 S. Delaware St. Ste 100, San Mateo, CA 94403

Live better, longer
Our diagnostics and methodology are complex, but our goal is easy to understand. We use the Biograph Method to help people live healthier, longer lives.